At Entourage Projects we specialise in curating the best teams of people to see a client’s dream go from an initial vision through to a reality.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management
  • Clients (Acquisition and retention strategies combined with curated experiences)
  • Brand Consulting (Creation, Awareness, Strategy, Development and Growth)
  • Networking (Introducing clients to new brands, connecting our clients when there is a synergy in their growth, and development)
  • Fundraising (For new projects, for charitable causes and for growing existing businesses)
  • Project Research (Initial research into an idea or business; due diligence and enhanced due diligence; fact checking; and comprehensive legal and financial research)

Our portfolio of projects include:

  • Creating a global group of restaurants with a world-renowned Chef;
  • Film Production;
  • Advising a Fashion brand on a Global Marketing Strategy;
  • Consulting a global group of Hotels on expansion, and increasing client outreach and retention;
  • The development of a private island retreat in the Caribbean;
  • Luxury brand consulting and development;
  • Managing property developments in South Africa, North America and Europe;
  • And more…